I think the west of Ireland is the most beautiful part of the country. Whenever I make the 3 hour trip out west for holidays,  the general experience (food, scenery, warmth of the people) out west always makes the drive worthwhile.

If you love being outdoors, some interesting places to visit in Galway include Kylemore Abbey, Connemara National Park , Wild Atlantic Way, and Salthill Promenade.

If you would rather be indoors, you can visit  a local pub and enjoy some food and music. If you love some good fish and chips like me, then the best is out west. The bar is so high that I no longer eat fish and chips in Dublin!

The first holiday my wife Lucie (then girlfriend) and I went on was to Galway. I still have the Wild Atlantic Way Tee.

My Favorite Wild Atlantic Way Tee.

According to the 2016 census, Galway had the highest percentage (53.3%) of single population of any county in Ireland. In the 2012 census, Galway was also the singles capital of Ireland with 60% of the population in Galway being single.

I needed to know why Galway consistently had the highest percentage of singles compared to any other county. I also wanted to learn more about the dating scene in Galway.

Googling for dating experts in Galway pointed me in Keiran O'Malley's (aka Galway player)  direction. (Thanks to the amazing google search platform!!)

I had three specific questions for Keiran on Dating in Galway. See below for the questions and answers.

Why does Galway have the highest percentage of singles compared to any other county in Ireland?

Galway is a vibrant city with a university and a college with a fantastic student life. It is also a hub for medical device manufacturing.

I'll add that several large telecommunications providers have significant presence in Galway, so a lot of young people love to work and live in Galway.

Where do people like to go on dates ?

Galway has countless bars, cafes and restaurants for dating. Bars with nooks and crannies are the best for dates. Such bars include Front Door, Dail Bar, An Pucan, 1520 to name a few.

What would the idea of a romantic date be ?

A walk in Salthill on the promenade at sunset. The Christmas market and the beautifully lit streets are always popular with couples. Restaurants like Cava, The Black Cat, Hyde, Rougue are great for dates.

Challenges with online dating?

Some challenges with dating in Galway is that it feels small, there is also a lot of skepticism with online dating.

Now for another question for us - How can Perfectlove help ?

The skepticism that singles in Galway have with online dating is justified.

Fake profiles, cat-fishing, users doing all the work to find a date (swiping, winking, twinkling, messaging etc), lack of user verification, unwillingness of online dating companies to bear any risk in the journey to help their users find dates, among other reasons are factors that creates the skepticism that singles in Galway face.  

Perfectlove was designed with these specific problems (and more) of today's online dating in mind. We created a service that takes the best of online dating and traditional matchmaking to help alleviate some of the challenges singles face in their quest to find a partner. Also, unlike traditional matchmaking services, it is affordable and is structured in a "pay as you date" model. For  €39.99, we will arrange a date at a restaurant with a match acceptable to you.

Lastly, many thanks to Keiran for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer all my questions, this article would not be possible without the help of the Galway Player!