Wikipaedia defines online dating as "a system that enables people to find and introduce themselves to new personal connections over the Internet, usually with the goal of developing personal, romantic, or sexual relationships. “ This description is correct to a large extent, in addition the definition accurately summarises how a lot of online dating companies currently operate.

Most dating platforms/systems presents users with profiles(user data + pictures in many cases) of potential dates. This singular act represents an introduction for most online dating services. However, the sad truth is not many of these introductions translate into dates. They may get a few winks or likes but in many cases that is where communication halts. In addition, (sadly) the responsibility of finding a date is shifted  heavily to the end user. The user has to do the hardwork of sifting through profiles, examining photos, sending tons of messages, winks ,smiley's, long communications that go nowhere among other things, all with the hopes of going on a date.

This issues leads me to ask several questions, Shouldn't online dating companies be more invested in ensuring users go on dates? Shouldn't online dating companies  get paid only when users go on dates? Should end users do the heavy lifting instead of online dating companies ?  This is why we created perfectlove to be the fair and customer centric platform that charges users for actual dates rather than the potential for going on dates and to also answer the aforementioned questions.

In conclusion, I believe the wikipaedia definition of online dating highlighted above needs amendment. It should read "online dating is an internet based system that ensures users of such systems go on dates with matches introduced via the online dating system, the companies managing the system only gets rewarded when their users are booked on dates that are acceptable to the users of such online dating systems”. It is only by such a definition that customer centric online dating can be achieved.  :-)