Online dating typically involves  a scenario where an individual creates a profile and initiates contact with other members through the service. Online dating generates a lot of revenue when compared to a lot of services delivered over the Internet. [1]  

Research into user experiences of online dating participants has  shown that deception is the ‘‘main perceived disadvantage of online dating. [1]  For example, at registration the user may provide incorrect biodata e,g height and weight in order to seem more attractive to  other users of the online dating service.

In another research, 86% of online dating participants felt others misrepresented their physical appearance. In many cases, they were dynamically assessing and updating their profile to suit the available dating pool.

Why do some dating websites create fake profiles?

A lot of dating services create fake profiles to attract more users, an unsuspecting customer is tricked to believe that the dating service has a lot of singles using the service.

I discovered this shameful tactic was used by many dating services when i tried to purchase off the shelf software that i could customise to build the perfectlove dating service. Many of the providers of these dating software’s provided thousands of “built-in” dating profiles as part of the package. We decided to build perfectlove to avoid dealing with this fake profiles and also to avoid the old technology that dating software providers used to develop their software. In addition, we realised that it would be a lot faster to develop a simpler service using modern technology a lot faster than it would take us to customise off the shelf software.

Why do users create fake profiles ?

On the other hand many users “embelish” their profile information in order to look more attractive other singles on the website. Height and Weight are common attributes that users are not usually truthful about.  Some users create fake profiles with harmful intentions in mind, however some other users have "nobler" reasons, see below user testimony"

“A woman who misrepresented her weight online used an upcoming meeting as incentive to minimize the discrepancy between her actual self and the ideal self articulated in her profile: I’ve lost 44 pounds since I’ve started [online dating], and I mean, that’s one of the reasons I lost the weight so I can thank online dating for that. [Because] the first guy that hit on me, I checked my profile and I had lied a little bit about the pounds, so I thought I had better start losing some weight so that it would be more honest. That was in December, and I’ve lost every week since then. ” [1]

How does Perfectlove help?

The net effect of  online dating services not verifying their users is a reduction in the overall quality of the customer base in return for short term gains that do not benefit the customer long term.

Perfectlove is not about fake profiles like many dating sites, one of our core values is emphasising quality over quantity, our focus is about going on dates, having fake profiles does not do us help us and our customers accomplish that goal. We ask our users to provide a valid photo ID(e.g Drivers license) upon registration. We use the ID card to verify every user. Once a  user is validated,  they actually be matched with potential dates by our matchmaking system.

Perfectlove is unlike any other online dating or matchmaking service, it is purely customer focused. The features we create are designed with the customer first in mindset, we hope you continue to enjoy our services.  See our Faqs if you have any questions or contact .


[1] Ellison, N., Heino, R., & Gibbs, J. (2006). Managing impressions online: Self-presentation processes in the online dating environment. Journal of ComputerMediated Communication, 11, article 2.