While i wait for my flight out of Dublin Airport, i decided to share my thoughts on how to  express love to your partner. Enjoy!

An expression of love to your partner should be multi-dimensional. The first dimension is a physical dimension that praises your partner's physical beauty in its totality.

The second dimension appreciates your partner's non-physical beauty. The non physical beauty to your partner's charisma, aura, attitude, behaviour and swag :-)  . These are the attributes that may not be easily perceived due to their somewhat intangible nature.

Even though your partner may not be attractive in the eyes of others, he/she is the most attractive to you! your partner is your private garden, hidden treasure, spring and your hidden fountain. Always remember that it is your partner that captured your heart and held it hostage with one glance of their eyes.

Words are powerful, words can lift-up or tear down your partner. It is important to use your words  as a way to uplift your partner by expressing their physical and non-physical beauty to them.

In addition, the beauty of your partner is beyond words, therefore your expression of your love should move beyond words to action, this means that your love should actively display the length you are willing to go to take care of your partner. It is the act of kindness that goes beyond words that builds and maintains loyalty in a relationship.

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