Tinder is widely regarded as a hookup app, so the odds of landing a serious relationship from Tinder is pretty slim. However, if your definition of serious relationship is marriage, there have been married couples who met through Tinder. I actually know one couple who met via Tinder and are now married.

Here are some other examples of couples getting married via Tinder. (I Met My Husband on Tinder See cosmopolitan article) . So it is entirely possible to achieve a serious relationship on Tinder.  The real question is - at what cost (monetary and time)?

OkCupid and eHarmony are actually very similar in the way they work. You pay a fee, create your profile , an algorithm finds your match and then you need to establish a rapport with the match. If things go well you will be able to meet in person.  

While there have been reports online of people getting married via services such as this, there is also a chance of Cat-fishing and fake profiles. A recent Washington Post article describes a cat-fishing incident on eHarmony that caused the victim to delete her account due to overexposure of her profile as this was the 6th time a match had been cat-fishing.

Identity Card Verification and Profile Isolation are two important things that I believe are crucial to protect customers better and deter cat-fishing. These capabilities are missing from traditional online dating services and are essential to developing serious relationships without much pain for the user.

Only traditional matchmaking services provide these two capabilities. So if you want a serious relationship in a painless way, you need a traditional matchmaking service.

However, the matchmaking service must be accessible, affordable, provide identity card verification and place the onus on the dating company to provide dates rather than otherwise.  So the options are traditional matchmaking service or a hybrid of online dating and traditional matchmaking service which Perfectlove provides.  Perfectlove.ie is the first of its kind to all Irish singles regardless of county. It is available for singles in Wicklow, Kilkenny, Dublin, Donegal, Cork, Galway...... and as a matter of fact all counties in Ireland!