One of our previous posts on how to express love was so successful that I was inspired to make a sequel. Please temper your expectations as sequels have a reputation of not being as good as the original ;) .

Love is work! Yes work! This is one of Hollywood's best kept secret :-). Love is two kinds of work - "Teamwork" and "Hard Work" .

I am sure you have heard the expression "Two heads are better than one" right? I believe that when two people unite in love, they create a new system of capabilities or emergent property (as Dr David Ludden describes in his fantastic article) that neither of them possess individually.  Ludden uses water as an example of a property that comprises of two gases Hydrogen and Oxygen, when those gases collide they produce water which is wet and wavy.

The positive emergent property has the ability to propel a couple to new places, interesting adventures and projects. At Perfect love, it is our desire to connect Irish singles with a goal of creating a positive emergent property, this new property allows a couple accomplish goals that either partner can accomplish individually.

Two is better than one because when you fall your partner can lift you up. When you are cold your partner will keep you warm. When you are being attacked your partner will defend you. Real Love between two people produces this cord (an emergent property or sorts) that cannot be broken.

Love is Hard Work, it is about making selfless decisions every hour of everyday for the benefit of your partner. It means choosing patience over impatience, it means choosing kindness over being cruel, and it means being resilient when times are hard. Love will restrain you from watching your partner take a wrong turn while you keep silent. Love will restrain you from keeping a journal of wrong doings about your partner.

The reason love is the work (the good kind) is because it is selfless. In order for love to thrive in a relationship hard work and teamwork need to be present.