We called our company Perfectlove because it was a phrase that captured our vision.  It might sound naive to expect to find flawless romance or an unblemished partner.  Even Madonna herself is quoted as saying "... there is no such thing as perfect love, that all love requires compromise or sacrifice".  Hard to argue with that - but perfect love is still an aim worth striving for.  There are many angles on what constitutes a perfect love. It is sometimes considered a sort of consummate love, characterised by passion, commitment, and intimacy all at once and all the time.  It can also be the whimsical Disney version of love defined by grand gestures and acts of immense bravery.  In the bible perfect love is described as driving out fear as there is no fear in love.

Certainly all of these perspectives give some clue as to what we seek in romantic love. Passion, intimacy and commitment play their parts in attraction, success, and longevity of love.  Loving gestures let someone know of our intentions and their special place in our hearts.  It takes courage to open ourselves up to rejection both when we approach the object of our affections and when we commit to a relationship.  And surely there is fear of rejection and insecurity in all of us, but when we find a worthy mate we should endeavour to love fully, in spite of our insecurities. Let love overwhelm fear.

Perfectlove is now live and provides a service for Irish singles who hope to find their own version of perfect love.