It is less than a month to St Valentine's day in Ireland, and as the day draws near there is usually an increased need (even borderline frenzy :-) ) among couples  to buy bouquets, chocolates and other things to demonstrate their love for their partner.

Honestly, I didn't care or know much about Valentine's day until I met my wife and in any case I am not one that believes in setting out a specific day to celebrate romantic love because I feel like everyday (or at least most days) should be a celebration of love in your relationship. I also didn't like the focus on using material things as a display of one's affection for your partner, as I don't think romantic depth is that shallow and so it should not be reduced to material things.

I believe the decision to celebrate romantic love should be a daily endeavour and should not be restricted to one day of the week. Why on Earth am I writing about Valentine's day if I am this grumpy about it you might ask?? The first reason is to challenge all Irish singles searching  for  a partner to take action, and if you are already taking action required to get a date then it is also a call to do things differently this year.

Einstein said it was stupid to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result. Well I think he was on to something :-) . In 2019, do not take the same approach you took last year to find a partner if you are not getting any results.

Try a new approach. In fact I am challenging all Irish singles to register for a single date service on perfectlove  for 19.99 Euro (offer lasts until Feb 14th). It may be the best decision you ever made. This is equivalent to the price of a two cups of coffee and a donut. If you end up on a date with the "love of your life" then thats one hell of an investment.

Worst case scenario is you meet someone nice but don't get along as much as you'd hope or best case you meet the man or woman of your dreams and most importantly a partner that is right for you.

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