We answer the frequently asked questions from our customers below.
If we missed anything please let us know!

When we find a match, we only share your first name, hobbies, county you live in, age and occupation with your match. Other details such as your profile photograph, last name, phone number etc. will NOT be shared.

We do not pressure our customers to accept a match that we provide. Our customers have the right to decline the matches we provide. However, if after 3 months we are not able to find you an acceptable match, we will provide you with a full refund.

You can cancel a date after accepting to meet a match as long as your match has not yet agreed to go on a date. However, if your date cancels we will arrange another match for you.

Perfectlove will book a table at the restaurant for our customers, however you and your match are expected to settle the bill at the restaurant.

If you meet someone just after signing up for our service and you have not been matched, feel free to reach out to us and we will process your refund (It takes 5-10 working days to process a refund).

Our goal is to find a date as soon as possible. However, if we are not able to arrange a date within a three month time frame we will process your full refund.

In order to verify your account, you will need to supply a valid photo identity card (e.g. driver's license). You can take a picture of your ID card and upload it when creating your profile. It is important for us to verify the identity of our users to provide a safe community for everyone using our service. Once your profile is verified (within 24-48 hours), we will start finding a match for you.

Yes, we leverage cutting edge technology and of course the Internet to ensure our service can be provided to all Irish counties. If you are in Dublin, Cork, Kilkenny, Donegal or any other county, you can still use our online dating service.

Please send us an email at info@perfectlove.ie :-)